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We just finished up another awesome bear season! We had 30 hunters who shot 34 bears, 4 minor flesh wounds and 30 kills. 25 of the 30 bears were good size male bears and 22 of them were big boars that went over Pope and Young's 18 inch minimum skull score. 12 of those 22 bears also went over 19 inches, 3 went over 20 and one was way over the Boone and Crockett minimum of 21. We weigh all of our bears and 12 of them also broke the 300 lb mark, which is big for a Western Canadian spring bear, 4 bears broke the 350 lb mark, 2 over 400. Of course none of these statistics tell the stories of how much fun everyone has on this hunt. Our solid, wooden ground blinds give a close up experience like none other, especially with the large numbers of bears on our baits. We feed at least 400 different ones on our 30 sites and hunters often see 15-20 bears in an evening's hunt. Some hunters have no idea how many they saw just that it was a steady stream of bears in and out all evening, very exciting!

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