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We had another fantastic Spring Bear hunting season, even better than last year and I didn't think we could beat that one! We hosted 31 hunters who killed 38 bears. 30 of the 38 bears were males and 24 of them were big, 18 plus inch skull boars, most were 18 1/2 inches or better, plus unfortunately we had several wounds on other big bears. Then 18 of those 24 bears were huge 7 plus foot square hide bears weighing over 300 lbs, 16 of them had skulls over 19 inches. We also killed 4 giants with skulls over 20 inches, and 3 of those bears weighed over 400 lbs! One weighed 440 lbs and the biggest skull was 21 3/16 on a huge 7 1/2 footer. It's unbelievable that we are doing this in the same area that we have outfitted in for 25 years, most bear areas go downhill in quality over time, ours has only gotten better!!

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