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2015 Spring Bear Hunts


Fall 2016 was another great year of hunting for us at Mike's Outfitting Ltd! But it certainly had its challenges, mainly continuous wet weather! We had never seen anything like it. In our country, rain means mud and sometimes we felt like we were trapped in an endless sea of it. The animals don't like being out in the muddy fields where we do a lot of our hunting and the roads were a rutted up mess, wrecking trucks and quads as fast as we could fix them. We tried to take it all in stride and do our best to give good hunts and we did take some great animals. Hopefully our hunters felt that we also gave 100% effort. I know everyone at least enjoyed the delicious meals created by our cook, Ana Terhorst!

As for our overall success on the different species, read our full hunt report for details on the hunts.

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Spring Bear Hunts
2015 Spring Bear Hunts

What an absolutely fantastic Spring Bear Hunting season we had! Big bear after big bear came rolling into camp every single week of the season. Just when we thought we wouldn't get a another giant, some lucky hunter would get another monster. I've never seen it like this before and this was with the earliest spring in the last thirty years, with hot April and early May temperatures, not normally good for bear hunting.  We hosted 30 hunters who shot 28 mature bears, all with hides well over 6 foot. Everyone saw lots of bears and only one trophy hunting person didn't shoot a bear.

Bow Hunt Report
2015 Spring Bear Hunts
Our bowhunting season Aug 25 to Sept 14 was a great success, although with bowhunting it is much tougher to get that 100% kill success. We are almost always at 100% opportunity. We were very close to that this past bow season even though we had rainy, windy and cool weather almost the whole time. The mule deer wouldn't bed in the muddy fields for spot and stalk hunting, the moose wouldn't come into the natural salt licks and the gusty winds messed with the elk bugling. Very challenging conditions. Fortunately we had some good hunters along with talented bowhunting guides who worked hard to get it done no matter what.
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