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Every year we continue to refine our hunting operation, hosting a small number of hunters and taking care of every detail. Read our hunter testimonials and you'll know why Mike's Outfitting is "A Big Game Hunter's Paradise".

We had a great bow muley hunt with you guys inspite of my inability to put an arrow into one of those bucks. Rick and I each had opportunities we just didn't cash in on. As you know we had Josh while Matt and Zack had Kyle as their guides. Both of those kids are awesome. As I said at the time, we've never been on a hunt where the guides worked any harder. At the same time they worked smart and knew every inch of their terrain. They are also super easy to be around. Your accommodations are very adequate. The food was very good and your cook was a lovely lady.

If I try to muley bow hunt again I'll try to do it with you. At 69 I'm not sure how many more spot and stalk hunts my knees have left in them!
Jim Anthony