Mike’s Outfitting Ltd. 2018-2019 Hunt Schedule
Species Dates Hunt Cost (US Funds)
SPRING BLACK BEAR BOW HUNT OR RIFLE HUNT May 1 to June 15 - 6 Days $5000.00 for 1st bear (harvested or wounded)
$2000.00 for 2nd bear (harvested or wounded and must be prepaid in cash. If you do not shoot the 2nd bear then the 2nd bear fee will be refunded to you at the end of the hunt. See below for more info.)
SPRING BLACK BEAR BOW HUNT OR RIFLE HUNT - EAGLE EYE OUTFITTING May 1 to June 15 - 6 Days $3500.00 for 1st bear (harvested or wounded)
$1400.00 for 2nd bear (harvested or wounded)
MULE DEER BOWHUNT Aug. 25 to 30 - 6 Days
Aug. 31 to Sept. 6 - 6 1/2 Days
EARLY SEASON MOOSE BOWHUNT Aug. 25 to Sept. 6 - 6 day hunt
Aug. 31 to Sept. 6 - 6 1/2 day hunt
$6500.00 (1 on 1 guided)
ELK & MOOSE COMBO BOWHUNT Sept. 7 to 14 - 7 day hunt $7500.00
MULE DEER RIFLE HUNT Sept. 17 to 22 - 6 day hunt
Nov. 8 to 30 - 6 1/2 day hunt
ELK RIFLE HUNT Sept. 17 to 22, - 6 day hunt
Sept 23-29 - 6 1/2 day hunt
RUT MOOSE RIFLE HUNT OR BOW HUNT Sept 24 to 29 - 6 day hunt
Oct. 1-30 - 6 1/2 day hunt
MOOSE RIFLE HUNT Nov 1 to 6 - 6 day hunt
Nov 8-30 - 6 1/2 day hunt
WHITETAIL DEER RIFLE HUNT Nov 8-30 - 6 1/2 day hunt $4500.00
MULE DEER & WHITETAIL DEER COMBO RIFLE HUNTS Nov 8-30 - 6 1/2 day hunt $10500.00
Add Coyote & Wolf to any hunt - $30.00

  • All prices are in U.S. funds
  • 5% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not included in the hunt prices
  • License and Allocation fees are not included. They are listed below and are also in U.S. funds.
  • The hunts are generally 2 hunters to one guide, or 4 hunters to 3 guides. You can book in as a solo hunter and you will get paired up with another hunter in camp for your 2 on 1 guided hunt. For guaranteed 1 on 1 guiding add $2000 to any hunt
  • Non hunters are welcome at $150 a day.
  • A $250 fee will be charged for an early departure drive from the lodge to Grande Prairie
Booking FAQ's
Are there additional license and allocation fees?
Yes. These prices are also in U.S. funds.

Black Bear $300
Mule Deer $380
Whitetail Deer $450
Moose $500
Elk $550
Bowhunting Permit $30
Coyote/Wolf $30
How do I book a hunt?
We generally use an emailed contract and a check in the mail to book your hunt. We can also send the contract by fax or regular mail. A personal check can be used.
How much do you need as a deposit? What is the payment schedule?
A deposit of 25% of the complete cost is required to book a hunt. An additional 25% is required by January 10 of your hunt year then the final 50% balance is due by April 1 on spring bear hunts and August 1 for fall hunts. (Sometimes we can be flexible with this payment schedule, email us if you need a slightly different schedule to be able to come on the hunt.) Except for transferring deposits to a friend all deposits are fully non-refundable. The deposits cannot be transferred to a future year.
Where do I mail my payments?
Mail payments to:

Mike's Outfitting
PO Box 544
Spirit River, Alberta Canada T0H 3G0
(check postage amount for mailing to Canada)
Can I pay with a credit card?
We can take credit card payments through PayPal but there is an additional 6% fee on any PayPal payments

Are there additional fees besides the taxes, license, allocations listed above?

Yes and No, depending on whether you are driving or flying, whether you are bowhunting or rifle hunting and whether you kill or not. Here is a complete list of every possible extra fee:

  • Flights or driving expenses to get to our area.
  • A $250 fee will be charged for an early departure drive from the lodge to Grande Prairie
  • Before or after the hunt hotel fee approx $150 a day in Grande Prairie.
  • Firearm import fee $30.
  • Liquor and extra snacks or soft drinks.
  • Tips or Gratuities (5-10% of basic hunt cost)
  • Cost of getting antlers, cape, hides and meat home. Amount varies greatly depending on species and how much you are taking home.

    See hunt FAQ's for additional info
What if I have to cancel my hunt, can I get my money back?
Sorry but No, you can send a friend to replace you but that is all, the deposit cannot be sent to another year or refunded back. The reason for this isn't for us to grab your money without giving you anything. It is because once we book you on a hunt we turn away all the other hunters that might be interested in that hunt. We also decide our advertising budget, our prices and many other budgetary concerns for the whole year on how many hunts we have booked, how many deposits we have. We can't suddenly change those things mid year. Most of our expenses are incurred before you even arrive for your hunt. If this is a big concern for you there are also companies that offer hunt deposit insurance. http://www.travelguard.com/ 
How do I pay the trophy fee for the 2nd bear?
The trophy fee for a 2nd bear has to be paid in cash to get the 2nd bear tag in your possession or prepaid before April 1st in a check with your final hunt payment. If you do not shoot a 2nd bear then the trophy fee will be refunded to you at the end of the hunt. 
Do I still have to pay the trophy fee for the 2nd bear if it's wounded? 
Drawing blood on either tag is considered a kill. This is because the shots are 15-20 yards and if a bear is wounded he usually will not come back to that bait site, at least not that year and he becomes very difficult if not impossible to kill in the future. Plus it is very expensive and takes a lot of time and expertise to get and keep big bears at the baits and put them in good shooting position. We cannot have hunters take more than 2 wounded or dead bears each.
Where can I find additional hunt information? 
For more info on all of our hunts, including where to fly into read our "All Hunts FAQ"