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What do you get mule deer hunting with Mike's Outfitting?
   A guaranteed license in a trophy mule deer zone. No draw required.
   A 90-100% chance for a heavy 160 to 180 score buck.
   The possibility for a huge 180+ inch deer.
   Not physically demanding, low elevation, farmland hunt.
   Resident hunters on a limited draw.
   Close encounters with bucks almost daily
   Guaranteed Tags - No Draw Required

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Mule Deer Rifle Hunts
Alberta, Canada is one of the premiere spots in North America for trophy mule deer and we are in one of the best locations within Alberta.

Our mule deer hunts take place in the Peace River region of the North West where mule deer are on a limited draw for resident hunters. We own the rights to some of the small number of outfitter tags. No draw needed, just book a hunt with us. We run our mule deer hunts in September when the deer are in their bachelor groups and in November during the rut.

We mainly hunt thousands of acres of private farmland. where resident hunters can also hunt but with the limited resident draw there are never many hunters. We do extensive August and early September scouting, finding and keeping track of as many big bucks as possible. We hunt the mule deer mainly by truck on the farm field roads, it is usually a physically easy hunt where you can see dozens of deer on a good day. On occasion we will sit field edges trying to take a specific buck or watching a doe group in the rut. The scouted out bucks that we don't kill in September usually go into hiding and then resurface in the November rut. The rut is also when new trophy deer that we've never seen show up.

On both of these mule deer hunts success on a trophy deer is practically guaranteed, it is just a matter of how big he will be. If you want to make sure you go home with a deer though we recommend that you shoot the first heavy, mature, 4x4, 165+ gross score buck that you see. With all the thick trees in our area you may not see that buck again and may not find anything larger. If you are looking for a 180 plus score deer, we have them, even some scoring over 190 but they are very tough to find, about a 10% to 50% chance on a 180+ depending on the year and the weather on your hunt. We always go after the biggest deer we can find though!.

Alberta Mule Deer Hunts
Mark Hampton's buck scoring just shy of 215!
Mule Deer hunts
6 by 6, 194" non-typical taken by Pete Boven
Mule Deer hunts
Travis Volk Heavy Old Muley
Mule Deer hunts
206 gross, 192 net typical by Clarence Wohlwend
Mule Deer Hunting
182 score buck taken by Eric Anderson
Mule Deer hunts
JC's Trophy Mule deer

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