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What do you get black bear hunting with Mike's Outfitting?
   Quality Bear Management System allowing hunters to selectively harvest mature male bears, not females and small bears.
   Top quality trail camera at every bait site ensuring you will be hunting sites with one or more trophy size mature boars
   High population of bears. See upwards of 30-40 bears in a week. Sows with 3 cubs is normal, some have 4- 5 cubs.
   High percentage of coloured bears ranging from chocolate, cinnamon to blonde.
   Highly productive farmland zone where 5 year old boars already have 7 foot square hide, skull over 19", weigh over 330 lbs.
   Fantastic genetics giving hunters possibility to harvest 400+ lb., 7 1/2 foot bear and skull exceeding 20-21 inches.
   No black flies.

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Trophy Black Bear Hunts
Mike's Outfitting has guided black bear hunts since 1992 along the Peace River in Alberta, Canada.

Our hunting area is perfect bear habitat. The lush woods, farm crops and big game animals gives plenty for the bears to eat, grow fast and end up bigger than a wilderness bear. The huge river valley funnels traveling male bears right to our bait sites.

We only take 6 hunters per week in our lodge with 30 very active bait sites. We have taken dozens of huge bodied, record book bears, most of them in the last few years. This is due to our Quality Bear Management System where we attract as many bears as possible to each bait site, let them grow up on the site, become conditioned to the baiting, then we selectively harvest the big, male bears. We use a large volume and variety of bait consisting of beavers, meat scraps, popcorn, oats, candy, honey and grease and we never let it run out. This is a key element to a great bear hunt where you get to see several bears almost every evening.

We strive to get every hunter a mature record book bear or two.

All of our bait sites are set up for bow or rifle hunting with a 15-20 yard shot or a 2 person, bear proof, wood box, ground blind. Our bait sites are cribbed to position the bear to give bow hunters a broadside shot, greatly lessening the chance of wounding a bear. We strive to get every hunter a mature record book bear or two.

We review trail camera pictures and bear videos with you before your hunt and we have markers at the bait so even a novice hunter is able to sort through all the bears and pick out the big boar. We strongly discourage shooting a female bear or even a small bear because it can greatly reduce the bear activity and spook off a big, smart, old boar. We don't shoot bears just because they are colored, they still need to be a mature boar. If you absolutely want to make sure you go home with a bear then we have non-big bear baits where you can take a smaller bear and then go to a trophy hunting bait after securing your first bear. There is a trophy fee on the 2nd bear though.

Scientific Study Showing How Trophy Bear Hunting Increases Cub Survival by 20%!

canada black bear hunts
LeeAnn's hefty 330 lbs, 19 1/16 skull
Canada black bear hunts
Doug Kizzar's beautiful colored boar
Alberta black bear hunts
Brandon's giant 385 lbs. just under 20 inch skull
Alberta black bear hunting
Ed Keppler's 8 footer, (well, 7 ft 11 in), 440 lbs
Black bear hunting Alberta Canada
Rick Duncan's huge 360 lb., 7 footer with a 19 12/16 skull
Canada black bear hunts
Craig’s weighing 400 lbs and 20 4/16 skull
Canada black bear hunts
Custom bait setups
Canada black bear hunts
We discourage shooting sows
Canada black bear hunts
Strategically placed honey pots to sex bears