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What do you get mule deer bowhunting with Mike's Outfitting?
   Experienced bowhunting guides who know how to kill big deer.
   High kill success on 160 to 180 Pope & Young Class deer
   The possibility to shoot a 180+ inch deer
   Several opportunities for almost every hunter
   Low resident bowhunting pressure
   Close encounters with P&Y bucks almost daily
   Guaranteed Tags - No Draw Required

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Archery Mule Deer Hunts
Mike's Outfitting has built a reputation on getting bowhunters big mule deer since 1992 along the Peace River in Alberta, Canada.

We offer top quality mule deer bowhunts from August 25th to September 6th in northern Alberta in the Peace River country. We are able to use a variety of tactics while hunting; spot and stalk, pushes and stand hunting. You need to be a good shot out to 50 yards and your guide should be able to range find every shot.

Even though we have some huge deer in our area, we have taken several 200 plus gross score archery deer. We recommend that you try to shoot every 160 plus gross score deer you find, maybe even 150+, especially if you want to make sure you go home with a mule deer, countless stalks can be blown, shots can be missed, it's all part of bowhunting. We are still comfortable with a hunter who really only wants a 170 plus score, most times we can get at least one good shot or more at that calibre of deer for every hunter. If you only want to go after a 180 plus score deer it really isn't a reasonable goal with us on a 6 day hunt, poor weather alone could ruin your chances. We always go after the biggest deer we can find though!

The terrain is a mix of flat farmland, thick woods and big river drainages. Most of the hunting is done in farm fields and the crawling on a stalk can be physically demanding. The deer can be patterned during bowhunting season and their antlers are in full velvet. The antlers can be easily stripped and stained if you prefer the hard horned look. We are able to offer two hunters to one guide due to all of the hunting methods available.

Mule Deer Bowhunts
Dennis Weller with his 206 score giant non typical
Mule Deer Bowhunts
Chad Boyd with his 205 beast of a deer
Mule Deer Bowhunts
Joe Demasi with his 176 mule deer deer
Mule Deer Bowhunts
Nick Slocum with his 177 mule deer
Mule Deer Bowhunts
David Bartley's Archery Mule Deer Hunt
Mule Deer Bowhunts
Blake Luse with his wide 178 typical

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