Moose hunting


Do I have to put in for a draw to get my license?
No, all of our licenses are guaranteed.
What size of moose do you usually get, what is the average?
Most of the moose we kill are in the 30-40 inch range, some bigger, some smaller. We aren't Alaska. We don't have big trophy bulls and we don't have the big price tag either. Hunters come to us for an enjoyable, well run hunt with an almost guaranteed chance to shoot a decent bull. We don't mind someone coming to trophy hunt, which for us means an older 40+ inch bull but it is risky business with about a 50/50 chance of getting a trophy bull. The pictures on the website are some of our better bulls, not everyone gets one like those.
Will I see lots of moose? What kind of success rate do you normally have?
Usually yes you will see lots of moose, but it is very weather dependent, more so than most hunters ever imagine it would be. On a warm windy day you might struggle to see any moose at all and the next day if it is calm and cool you could see 20-30 moose in a single morning. If we get calm, cold, frosty mornings you can try for a bigger bull but if it is forecast for warm, windy weather you better shoot the first bull you see. Our long term success rate has been 90+% no matter the weather. Generally you will see more moose in our home/farmland zone than in our south zone but you probably have a better chance for a 40+ inch bull in the south zone.
How do you hunt them, do I need to be in good shape?
Most of our moose are shot out in farm fields or open cutlines in the woods and loaded into the truck whole, just about anybody can do the hunt. You certainly don't have to be in good shape. It can help to be in good shape on the Sept/Oct rut hunt though, especially if you want to try for a bigger bull. In the rut some bulls hang out in the bottom of river valleys or just away from the roads. If you are in shape we can walk and then call for 20-30 mins at a time. You would need the fitness to walk for 2-3 miles in rolling hills with some poor footing, deadfalls etc. Almost of the places are still accessible by four wheeler to get the animal out but not always, packing one out might be a possibility.
When is the best time to come on the hunt? Isn't the rut the best time?
Anytime from September 24 to November 30 is the best time to hunt moose in our area and just hope for good weather on your hunt. The rut is generally not a big factor, especially in our home farmland zone. We have too many cow moose and we never see a frantic rut. Most of the bulls are shot out in farm fields feeding. You just need calm, cool weather to get them out there. The rut is more of a factor in our south zone where you have a better chance of calling in a bull from September 24th to October 15th.
What caliber of gun do you prefer, bullets?
We do prefer a larger caliber gun but most of all you need to be accurate. A 30-06 with 180 grain bullets is big enough though. The only bullets we won't allow are ballistic tip bullets, especially the smaller grain weight ones. In our experience they will blow up in impact and not even enter the chest cavity on a moose.
How do you handle 2 hunters with one guide?
It isn't tough to give a good hunt with 2 hunters to the one guide. We have so many moose and since we are not trophy hunting we can get it done in the 6 hunting days. All the guides in camp work as a team too so the hunts quickly become one on one guided and then usually in the last days it is actually 2 or more guides for one hunter. With good cell phone service in our area we can have a team searching all over for the last moose in the group.
How do you deal with the meat, antlers and cape?
If you don't want the meat it can be donated, at no cost to you, to landowners who let us hunt their land or to needy families. We really appreciate anybody who does this but you certainly don't have to. If you drove up the cheapest way to deal with it is to take the moose home in your vehicle but we have heard of some hunters having trouble getting through the border with spine or brain matter, others have had no trouble at all. We can remove the spine but even better though is that we have an excellent butcher who can cut, wrap in paper and freeze your meat. It costs about $700 for the average moose. You could get a whole or half moose done in about 36 hours. You could then load up one or more coolers for your trip home. We have coolers here for a cost of $40 each. The cape can also be frozen into a cooler to take home. The skull on the antlers can be split, cardboard taped around around them and then taken on your flight home with you. If you are flying the airlines will usually charge for each cooler, usually about $100 for a 50 lb. cooler. We take no responsibility though if airlines policy changes or they charge much more than that. It is up to you to figure out before your hunt how much it will cost and what is allowed.
What clothes are best? Do I need blaze orange or all white? Gear list?
Rain snow and cold can happen from Sept. 24 to Nov 15 but obviously November could be much colder, down to possibly -30 F, but you are usually in truck so it isn't too much of a factor on a moose hunt. No blaze orange needed. 

Gear, clothing list:
  • Quiet rain gear, pants and jacket with a hood
  • Leather, waterproof, ankle high boots you can walk in, more insulation for Nov.
  • Light and warm gloves
  • Extra sweaters, long underwear
  • Binoculars, range finder, no spotting scope needed.
  • Dayback
  • Gun and 2 boxes of bullets